FAQ - Welch's


Do frozen fruits have the same nutrients as fresh?

Yes, the minute a fruit is picked, it begins to lose nutrients. Because our frozen fruits are frozen shortly after they’re harvested, they’re allowed to fully ripen naturally, which means they’re chock full of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. On the flip side, much of the fresh produce in your supermarket was reaped miles away, and had to travel to get there. As a result, it may have been harvested before it reached its nutritional peak, then allowed to ripen during transport.

How long can frozen fruits be stored?

Expiry date is two years after production date indicated on the back of your bag.

Why are frozen fruits usually less expensive than fresh?

With frozen fruits, you’re not paying a premium when certain fruits are out of season.

Do Welch’s Frozen fruits have added sugars?

No, all Welch’s frozen fruits are naturally sweet with no added sugar. Because freezing preserves food, no unwanted additives are needed.

How do frozen fruits contribute to less food waste?

About 50% of food in North America goes uneaten. Food waste begins at the source, then again in transport, at the supermarket and finally in your home. Because frozen fruits preserve quality and freshness as they are kept frozen until they reach your home, it decreases the amount food waste.

Is the packaging environmentally friendly?

With frozen fruit, the main issue we have is preservation of quality in terms of ice buildup, dehydration and clumping. Bags that are fully recyclable are the polyethylene pillow bags that lack quality in terms of protecting the fruit. These components that make up our bags are fully recyclable, however there is a glue that creates the two materials to form and provide for a fully protective barrier, making them non-recyclable unfortunately.

Where are the fruits packaged? 

The fruits are packaged carefully at our three locations across North America.

Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods
5105M Fisher Street, Saint Laurent, Québec H4T 1J8
31122 South Fraser Way, Abbotsford, BC V2T 6L5
190 Toray Dr, Front Royal VA 22630-6714

Who packages and maintains the Welch’s Frozen Fruit brand?

Welch’s Frozen Fruit is a licensed brand of Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods Inc. Nature’s Touch Frozen Foods Inc. is a Canadian based company with three manufacturing centers across North America to ensure only the highest quality of frozen fruits on the market. www.naturestouch.ca

Where do your fruits come from?

All Welch’s frozen fruit have a detailed list of its source countries found on the back of the packages.

In order to ensure a consistent yearlong supply of quality fruits we source our products from all over the world depending on harvesting seasons.

Can I refreeze my fruits once they have thawed?

It is not recommended to refreeze your fruits once fully thawed. In doing so, you will increase the chances of your fruits clumping together.

How are they frozen?

Our fruits are frozen either through an IQF tunnel which flash freezes them as they pass through on a conveyor belt or static frozen where they are placed in trays to freeze in a freezer for a set period of time until frozen.

Why do your bags claim that they taste like they were just picked?

Frozen fruits retain the majority of their nutrients after the freezing process. In contrast to fruits allowed to ripen off the vine like you see in many grocery stores, our fruits that manufacturers select to freeze are ripe and ready to eat. They are left on the vine longer to ripen naturally and then only plucked at peak freshness.