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Our Philosophy

Our Philoshopy

We don’t just believe in creating healthy and delicious dishes, we believe in creating special family moments.

Welch’s believes in the magic of family moments — and we’ve been helping families enjoy them for generations. Itʼs why we make delicious juices, jellies and jams, meant for sharing. Because every time you share a glass of juice or enjoy a sandwich, you share a special moment — whether it’s at home or on the go.

We aren’t the only ones who believe time together is time well spent. Our Kitchen Table Report confirmed that families still make time to connect over meals. Even though schedules are tightening and distractions are increasing, American families know the importance of getting together over a snack or meal, wherever that may be.

“In my experience, families who eat together are happier, healthier and stronger.”
— Sarah-Jane Bedwell, member of Welchʼs Health & Nutrition Advisory Panel