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Who We Are

Who we are

Our story began over 140 years ago, when Thomas Bramwell Welch decided to serve grape juice instead of wine at his church. Welch was the first to pasteurize bottled fruit juice using Concord grapes, paving the way for a future industry. After its debut at the Chicago World’s Fair in 1893, Welch’s Grape Juice went on to become the national family favorite it is today. Now, Welch’s family of product is extending to a multitude of other delicious products such as frozen fruits of the highest quality!

Who are we? We are a family of more than 1,000 who work together to bring you the quality products you’ve known to expect from Welch’s. From the farms to your table, this is the story of Welch’s.

At the heart of Welch’s are 1,000 family farmers who make everything possible. Each and every farmer is a grape growing expert, who takes great pride in the vineyards they’ve cultivated for generations. It’s our farmer’s dedication to growing the best Concord and Niagara grapes that’s allowed us to provide families with the delicious juices, jams and jellies they’ve loved for years.

A single glass of Welch’s can stir up memories from the past or help create new ones. At Welch’s, we believe in the power of getting together – even if it’s just a few minutes to connect over a glass of juice or a sandwich. We want to help you enjoy life’s every day moments and share what’s good.