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Proceed with Caution : Safe Tricks, Tasty Treats


Proceed with Caution: Safe Tricks & Tasty Treats for Halloween

Brought to you by Welch’s Frozen Fruits

Once a year, playful skeletons dance in our dreams. Candlelit jack-o-lanterns smile toothless grins. Angels and cat ears become creepy couture. When the 31st finally arrives, our little goblins excitedly dress up for school with a joy we wish they would have on their first day of school!

With this excitement comes tales of caution, as parents divide and conquer between handing out candy and taking their children out to collect their chocolatey treasures.

As a true companion to Canadian parents, Welch’s Frozen Fruits wishes you a creative, delicious and safe Halloween by providing some practical, and not-so-scary tips and tricks to ensure maximum fun and maximum safety this Halloween:


Costumes: Whether your little is this year’s strongest princess, most extreme superhero, or classic cartoon character, costumes are a walking, talking display of creativity. Here are some tips that parents may wish to consider:


  • Masks can be difficult to see or talk through. Face paint or makeup is a great alternative. Parents should test the product on their children’s wrist before applying to the full face to evaluate any allergic reactions. Do not forget to wash it off thoroughly once the night is done!
  • Costumes should fit well – both in size and length. Excess fabric may get caught on sharp edges or cause tripping.
  • Costumes should be made from non-flammable material – preferably synthetic fibres like nylon, polyester and acrylic.
  • Be cautious of accessories like capes, beards, wigs and glitter which may be flammable.
  • Costumes should be bright in color; alternatively, parents can incorporate reflective tape to ensure visibility at night.
  • Props (swords, knives) should be plastic to avoid harming kids should they fall.
  • Shoes should be comfortable for long periods of walking.
  • Layers should be incorporated so as to stay toasty warm if you live in a chillier part of Canada. Parents should make sure their kids have mittens within grasp for their candy collecting.


Little Goblins (especially those under the age of 12): The excitement (and sugar!) of the holiday may cause little ghouls and goblins to run faster or forget their rules of crosswalks, sidewalks and strangers. Parents can take time to reiterate:

  • Children under at least 12 should be accompanied by an adult.
  • Rules of the road should be followed: Kids should walk on the sidewalk, exercise caution when crossing the street, and obey traffic lights.
  • Children should stay in well-lit areas, and travel as a group if possible.
  • Never enter a stranger’s house: always stay on the step. Children should consult an adult or a trusted neighbor if they feel uncomfortable.
  • Only ring the doorbells of houses whose lights are on.
  • Parents should equip their children with a flashlight containing new batteries and a fully-charged cell phone with their emergency contacts saved.
  • Parents can pin a slip of paper with an emergency contact’s name and number on their children’s costume.
  • Meeting spots and curfews can be excellent Plan B’s on Halloween night if someone gets lost.
  • Kids should never enter a strangers’ car.


Treasure Chest: Now that the kids are (slightly) tired and warm in their own houses, a parents’ due diligence is not quite over! Parents should take the time to go through the pails of delicious candy to:

  • Identify items that may contain allergens such as nuts, butters or other ingredients.
  • Beware of choking hazards like small candies or popcorn.
  • Discard anything that is not wrapped properly, and clearly as it was manufactured.


From our spooky, scary, eerie, haunted, frightening family to yours, Welch’s Frozen Fruits wishes you a safe, but hair-raisingly fun Halloween!



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