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A Resolution We Know You’ll Keep! 3 Easy Steps!


This January join us in adding FRUITS to our diet! A new year’s resolution so easy, anyone can follow!
No time to prepare a full breakfast meal or bring healthy snacks to work? So, you’ve given up and decided eating healthier was just too hard? We know how hard eating healthy is, so we thought we would give you a simple 3-step guide to adding more FRUITS to your diet and achieving your goal!

It starts with FROZEN FRUITS! Did you know frozen FRUITS are picked at their peak ripeness and they pack in loads of nutrients? Frozen almost immediately after being picked keeps in their great taste and nutrients making them a healthy and most importantly convenient choice when planning to add FRUITS to your meals or snacks! Or, have you ever considered eaten them straight from the bag?

Setting lifestyle goals can seem overwhelming if there’s not an end or measure of success.
Do not set out on this FRUIT mission without a reward date, so take it one month a time.
For each month that you conquer, make sure to actually reward yourself!

Week one:

  1. ASSESS!!!
    You know when your snacking happens, so make a note of it, recognize and anticipate it! Replacing existing habits might be hard, so you can always try adding on to the good ones you’ve already developed. If you’re in the habit of eating yogurt, cereal, or oatmeal in the morning you can always toss in an extra serving right there! But we know those hard to resist snack times come later in the day and sometimes well into the night!
    (For us, we noticed snack times came faithfully at 3pm and 9pm)
    TIP: Notice when your snacking habits most occur and prepare for it! Most of the time our intentions are great but lack of preparation forces us to resort to less healthy choices!


  1. PLAN!!!
    Make a meal plan – Define your goals – and document it!
    Ever thought of bringing frozen fruit to work? Pre-portion them in Ziploc bags and pop them back in the freezer so you can grab a bag, or two every day! What works best for us is labelling them by the week days! Berry blends add variety to your snacking, but if you have one favorite than stick to it! Keep yourself accountable, set an alarm for your designated fruit snacking times. If you’ve chosen to add them to your morning breakfast routine, afternoon smoothie, parfait or cereal then set your reminder to reach in the freezer for your missing ingredients!
    TIP: Each bag should contain half a cup; half a cup will be our measurement of a serving!Grab two for your busy day and plan a time to eat them!


  1. ATTACK!!!
    Have an execution plan! Now that you have already assessed your snacking times, prepared healthy snacking options for them, and set your alarm as a reminder to enjoy them, you’re more likely to make better choices! Get creative, be inspired and visit our PINTEREST page for more great ideas on how to enjoy your frozen fruits!
    TIP: Set a morning reminder to grab your new fruit snacks with you! Starting new routines require a little reminder at times! Soon enough you’ll be reaching in the freezer without even thinking about it! You’ll wonder how you ever went without your fruits!


Week two, three and four:

Continue on your meal plan but enjoy that extra serving per day! You’re already in the habit so adding to it will be so easy to do! Don’t forget to journal! Write down the times you’ve had your extra fruits and by how many servings!

Continue on this for the next 2 following weeks!
If you’d like to extra challenge yourself add frozen veggies to your day!

By the end of the 4-week challenge look back at your week one journal! See how many portions you had a day and see where you’ve come to! Comparing your progress will motivate you to keep it up! Reward yourself!